Our Mission

Our mission is to honor each individual, create an open and inclusive experience that is both transformational and evolutionary.

We as a studio seek to meet you where you are – we want to play to your unique characteristics, individual experiences, and include you in our open level environment.

We believe there is a potential within every single person, and with enough pressure, discipline, and encouragement, we hold a mirror for a higher vision for yourself than you ever thought was possible on or off the mat.
Too woo-wooey? We are going to get confrontational in a loving way, get hands on, hold you to your highest, and help you step out of your own way to success.

Regardless if it’s mastering a yoga pose, your mind, improving your health, centering your mood even in an actual traffic jam in your car off the mat, or re-visioning yourself fully expressed – we welcome you to our community.

Meet the Teachers

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